Title Loans Delaware are special because you can't be turned down for bad credit. It doesn't even matter if you've been turned down for a bank loan in the past. You can easily qualify for a loan, and you'll still receive the same competitive interest rates as other applicants. Your credit rating is not solely used when qualifying. Instead, we rely on vehicle titles to secure loans. This way, we take on fewer risks when approving loans, and borrowers enjoy larger loan amounts and better interest rates too. You'll also like the fact that you can use your loan funds for absolutely anything. There are no spending restrictions whatsoever. If you're looking for a short-term loan with extra fast payouts, Colvin Title Loans is ready to payout within 24 hours of applying. Discover more about applying, tips about vehicle title loans and how the process works.

Our Application Process

Meeting Loan Qualifications

    If you are ready to apply for title loans Delaware, you'll want to check that you meet the following qualifications:
  • Provide a government issued photo identification card or your driver's license, so we can verify you are 18 or older.
  • A source of income. Income sources can be from part-time or full-time jobs, government benefits, retirement funds or other sources.
  • The paper copy of your car title. Your name should appear on the title, and there shouldn't be any liens against the vehicle.

Where to Apply

    You have three options for submitting an application. You may apply:
  • Using our convenient online application.
  • Phoning in your application.
  • Filling out an application at a local loan center store in Delaware.

Completing an Application

    Applications are short and to the point to keep the process simple. We require the following information:
  • Your first and last name, zip code and phone number.
  • The age of your vehicle, a mileage estimate and the make, model and body style of your auto.

Helpful Tips About Title Loans Delaware

Getting a Clear Title

It is important that your car title is lien free. If you just finished paying off your vehicle, you may need to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles to submit your title release papers for a new lien free title. If you never received a lien release from the company where you purchased your vehicle, you might need to contact them to request a lien release, so you can update your car title paperwork.


There is no need to take time off from work because we always have application forms available online. You can easily fill out an application at your convenience.

Continued Vehicle Use

We understand that most of our customers rely on their vehicles as their main transportation for work and errands. Therefore, there are no driving restrictions during your loan term.

Spending Loan Funds

Most traditional credit unions and banks always ask you to state the purpose for the loan. However, we don't believe this is really necessary. It is up to you how you'll spend your funds.

Loan Center Stores

The majority of our services are handled online and over the phone. However, we also maintain several convenient loan center stores in and around Delaware where you can apply for title loans Delaware, visit with a loan representative, make loan payments, sign contracts or pick up your loan funds.

Fast Loan Processing

We understand that bills need to be paid now, and sometimes emergencies come out of nowhere, so we're extra careful to see that loans are approved quickly. Funds are available to customers within 24 hours or less after applying.

Credit Scores

Credit scores are not solely used when considering loan approval. Since you provide your vehicle as collateral for the loan, you don't need perfect check scores or credit histories.

How the Car Title Loan Process Works


Get your application in as soon as possible, so we can begin processing your loan. Remember, applications are free of charge and they only take a few minutes to complete.

Instant Loan Quotes

To keep you informed, every step of the way through the loan process, Colvin Title Loans provides each applicant with an instant loan quote. Quotes are based on the vehicle information provided during the application process. This is an estimate, which most people appreciate. It gives you a rough idea of how much you could qualify for, which is helpful when making financial decisions.


Just like any other type of loan, you'll be required to go through a short qualifying process as part of your loan consultation phone call. However, our process is much easier and quicker than those of traditional banks.

Our main concern during qualifying is that you have a viable source of income and the ability to make your payments on time. Most people have no trouble qualifying since we accept such a variety of income sources.

After you are approved for a loan, you'll be presented with a number of repayment plan options. If you don't find a plan that matches your requirements, we would be glad to custom design one that works well for your budget concerns.

Contracts for Title Loans Delaware

As a title lender, Colvin Title Loans is responsible for following Ohio state auto title loan regulations when writing up agreements. Contracts are written to inform and confirm loan terms and financial obligations. You are advised to read through your contract and encouraged to ask any questions you may have before signing the agreement.

    Contracts include:
  • The total loan amount you're borrowing.
  • The cost of your interest and the interest rate.
  • Minimum payment amounts.
  • Applicable loan fees.
  • A repayment schedule.

Collecting Loan Funds

To meet the collateral requirements you agreed to in your contract, you'll be asked to turn over your paper car title. Titles are only held temporarily during the loan period and are returned when the loan and interest are paid in full. After submitting your car title, you may collect your loan funds.

Colvin Title Loans offers short-term title loans Delaware for fast cash now.